IT компания MOBOX

IT компания MOBOX

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Компания прошла проверку подлинности в налоговом реестре Украины и одобрена администрацией сервиса. Подробнее
Общий балл компании, который рассчитывается по формуле и отвечает за место в рейтинге. Подробнее
Героев Сталинграда, 26А
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MOBOX is an IT consulting, design& development company.

We provide a full-service software development:
- Consult clients.
- Design and build an IT solution.
- Launch a product.
- Provide post-delivery service.

We are a focused team, passionate about making an excellent mobile product even from scratch.

And we have features you need to know about us.

We are young.  It means  we are fearless in what we are doing and tireless while doing it for you. We take a challenge and run with it.

We are focused. Our goal is to create a mobile product that answers your purposes, combines all needed features in one experience and deliver it in the timeframe we’ve estimated.

We are honest. You can entrust  Mobox with your ideas in order to achieve your mobile /web strategy and receive the result that exceeds your expectations.

We are for individual approach. We grasp the concept, ask right questions to create a unique solution that meets all your demands and users desires.  We are concerned  not only about technical objectives  but in your individual project  in a whole to make it special for your customers. We help you to think about how end users would be using the product and get a benefit of it.

We are flexible. We develop a product that is a gold blend of our minds and client’s ideas and preferences.

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